Reduction Workshop for Merchandise and Gift Suppliers

As part of Qatar Sustainability Week 2021, One Tide hosted our very first plastic reduction workshops last year for merchandise and gift suppliers in Qatar. We want to ensure that our sustainability objectives have a wide impact in the country and leave behind a legacy that endures well beyond the the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Orjan Lundberg, Sustainability Expert at the SC said, "We have very clear sustainability goals aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. and Qatar National Vision. We're trying to use the world cup to leave behind beautiful legacy goals. We're trying to create long-term change with regard to merchandise, gift items and souvenirs" 

Gift-giving is very common in Qatar, especially during celebrations and first meetings with business associates. Gifts should be wrapped and of high quality, which includes chocolates, dates, and perfumes. Since gifts are known to be the key to building relationships in Qatar, high hopes are placed upon merchandise and gift item suppliers. With an increasing focus on sustainability, our focus at the workshop was on how innovative suppliers can provide a positive impact through your gifts?

"We had a cross-section of people at the workshop - producers, suppliers, retailers. The focus was tho think about why we're giving, what we're giving and how we're presenting what we're giving. Can we reduce packaging and can we change what we're actually giving?", Orjan Added.

The plastic reduction workshop focused on a two pronged approach to reducing plastic consumption for merchandise and gift suppliers: Upstream Design and Downstream Waste Disposal.

  1. Upstream Design - Plastic can be used as a material or packaging for merchandise and gift items. Upstream design focuses on rethinking the design of the product, packaging, and business model to minimise the amount of plastic used in the value chain.
  2. Downstream Waste Disposal - Wherever plastic use is necessary as a material or packaging for the product, it is crucial to consider where these plastics will end up. Downstream waste disposal focuses on responsibly managing the disposal of plastic items through the education of staff and consumers.

Among the guests was Sara Al Thani from Qatar Foundation, who added, “There was a diverse representation at the workshop and it helped us align towards sustainability goals. Such initiatives will help in inculcating good habits and create a huge impact not only at Qatar 2022 but beyond that as well”.

Find out more about how you, as s merchandise and gift item supplier can reduce their plastic use and waste with our toolkit!