Plastic Awareness Workshop at The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy

With just over one year to go until Qatar hosts the The World Cup Qatar 2022, environmental sustainability remains at the heart of the The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy's (SC) preparations and organisation, with the aim of leaving behind a green legacy as one of its key objectives.

Starting with the SC's very own employees, One Tide was built to educate and create actions against plastic waste. One Tide is hosted a Plastic Awareness Workshop for all of the SC staff members and Al Bidda tower occupants to learn more about plastic pollution. 

The focus of the workshop was to raise awareness about the complexity of the plastic waste crisis. We split all the guests into groups of three: Government, Businesses and Consumers. Each group was assigned to identify challenges faced by each sector (government, businesses, consumers) with regards to the plastic waste crisis. After which, each group will direct their own conversation within the group to brainstorm solutions for the plastic waste crisis that are realistic and actionable for each sector.

The guided conversation was to showcase how the three sectors are stuck in a circle of denial, where each sector perceives that they are unable to create a huge impact without the others. However, change needs only to start from one sector to start pushing the rest to follow. No problem can be tackled alone.

Together we can tackle any problem, #AsOneTide!

Join us at our next plastic awareness workshop here.