Plastic Awareness Workshop at Qatar Sustainability Week 2021

As part of Qatar Sustainability Week 2021, One Tide hosted our very first plastic awareness workshops to talk about the use plastic in our daily lives and how we can come together as one tide to tackle plastic pollution!

The workshop was hosted by Seven Clean Seas, an ocean clean up organisation that teamed up with the SC to launch One Tide in Qatar. Starting with the types of plastic, we talked about how plastic is such a common material that can be found almost everywhere. The workshop focused on two areas where plastic can be found in our daily lives, households and offices.

Splitting the room into two breakout groups, we tackled plastic waste found in these two areas. Each group identified common plastic types and uses. After which, the challenges to reducing those types of plastics and ending with each group coming up with some tangible actions that can overcome these challenges and tackle plastic consumption everyday.

Together we can tackle any problem, #AsOneTide!

Join us at our next plastic awareness workshop here.